A Brief Introduction to Barbecue

A Brief Introduction to Barbecue

Placing meat or other stuff over a grill is not barbecuing it; that is what needs to be set right first. You and everyone else may think that covering meat with barbecue sauce makes the resulting product a barbecue but traditional barbecue requires more than select sauce, rubs, spices, and a grill. Barbecue is a method of slow cooking in which the meat is exposed to indirect heat source for a long time. The heat source in http://bengkelbola.org question comes in the form of wood fire while cooking time could reach up to 18 hours. What is served afterward is a plate of food bearing a combination of fat, meat juices, smoke, rub, and spices. It is hard to pinpoint the origin of the term “barbecue”.

There are many accounts trying to explain how the word was first invented and how it came to be used widely. It is believed that the Spanish referred to native Caribbean’s method of slow cooking meat over wooden platform as “barbacoa” (from which “barbeque” is derived). During the 19th century, barbecue became the most prevalent cooking method in South America. Pigs were abundant in the area at that time so pork was the most widely found meat for barbecue. As corn grew better than wheat in South America, cornbread was the most preferred side dish to go with barbecue meat. South American climate is humid; corn can withstand fungal infection better that wheat.

Barbecue is a cooking method that accommodates multiple kinds of food to be cooked all at the same time. Because of this reason, barbecue becomes a better option to take for large gatherings, festivals, and picnics. Barbecue also eliminates the need for expensive cuts of meat. As the cooking time is so long, the meat will fall off the bone, making it a waste to use expensive meat cuts.

Barbecue Nowadays

For that reason, barbecue was also a preferred method of cooking among the Southern blacks who were poor in the past. They would add sweet potatoes and fried okra as side dishes to go with barbecue. African Americans in the rural South migrated to the Northern cities during the first half of the 20th century. With them, they brought their barbecue recipes. Barbecue joints owned by potato777 the blacks had all emerged in cities across America. The term “soul food” has been coined to denote foods of black origin including hush puppies, cornbread, and fried chicken.

Today, there are four main barbecue styles in America. Memphis barbecue is essentially pork shoulder that is pulled and drenched in tomato sauce. North Carolina barbecue involves the whole hog being smoked with a sauce that is vinegar-based. Kansas City barbecue is renowned for dry-rub ribs. Texas barbecue is divided into two types: Eastern style is influenced by the Memphis’ pulled pork while Western style incorporates brisket grilled in mesquite. Other countries have their own barbecue style. Korean barbecue is thin-sliced beef or pork eaten with rice. Asado, on the other hand, is Argentinian plain meat grilled in smokeless pit.

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