Some Easy-to-follow BBQ Tips and Tricks

Some Easy-to-follow BBQ Tips and Tricks

You might be one of those people who think they know enough that they do not require something of great importance to be paid attention to when it comes to barbecuing. Colloquially known as BBQ, barbecue is indeed a simple cooking method. Just place the meat (or pretty much anything edible that you like to process this way, really) over fire and you are good to go.

But did you know that if that is your take on barbecue, you really are not barbecuing your stuff? If placing cuts of meats over direct fire is what you usually do, that would be counted as grilling. BBQ is a bit more delicate than that. It involves low heat and indirect heat sources. The agen bola terpercaya meat is cooked slowly by exposing it to the low heat and smoke produced by the heat source—which also gives the final product its distinct smoky flavor.

BBQ Tips and Tricks

If you don’t already know this, you sure are in need of some bbq tips and tricks. Sure, you can argue that even the most professional chef places the meat over direct heat and the dish still gets called a barbecue. Yes, there are barbecue techniques that use direct exposure to heat source to cook the items but in all versions and derivatives of it, it is the presence of smoke that sets BBQ apart from grilling. Learning a few bbq tips and tricks would save your day and save your tongue as well.

So, let’s review bbq tips and tricks to help you get the best during the summer.
1. Gas grill is a no-no
As mentioned before, in barbecue, the smoke generated by the heat source is an ingredient of itself. Stick to your preference: indirect heat, direct heat, split logs, charcoal, wood chips; everything should match your comfort but, again, it should let out some smoke—which a gas grill cannot do.

2. Choose fruit-tree wood
Regular charcoal is enough to instill flavor to your meat but adding some fruit-tree wood chips in the mix will create layers of flavor that previously aren’t revealed. Try peach wood for starter.

3. Let the wood chips sit in water
Do so for at least an hour. If possible, letting them inside water overnight would give more satisfying result. Before using, wrap the chips with aluminum foil and toss it together with the burning cinders. Water content within the chips would evaporate due to the heat, producing more smoke to enhance the taste of your barbecue.

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4. Don’t spoil the temperature
Barbecue cooks low and slow. And as a human, it is a given that you want to check things out every 30 minutes since the meat starts cooking. But keep in mind that in doing so you lower the already low temperature. Instead, let everything be for the first two hours, after which you can check up on it in hourly intervals. Use these gaps to apply sauce and control the temperature.

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5. Don’t eat it right away
Take the meat off the grill, place it on a pan or a plate, and let it sit for a few minutes. The juice would be sealed tight within the meat. If you cut it right away, the juice might fall out all over the place and you lose your precious barbecue experience.

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